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"Graham is one of only a handful of independent fly fishing guides in Ontario who we recommend at our store. "

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September Salmon and Trout Guide Trips

Guide trips for Salmon

Ontario Nymph Fishing

 Ontario Nymph Fishing

What is a Nymph?: A nymph is an aquatic insect that lives part or all of it's life in a river or a lake. Nymph species come in a variety of different sizes and colors.

Ontario Fly FishingOntario Nymph Fishing

What is Nymphing: Nymphing means using an artificial fly known to anglers as a nymph that is drifted below the surface of the water to entice a strike from a trout or salmon.

Why Nymph? : Experts say over 90% of a trout's diet comes from food below the surface. Nymphs are a huge food source for Ontario Nymph Fishingmany trout in Ontario rivers. Other organisms like worms, crayfish, minnows, or even sunken bugs and beetles can also be nymphed below the surface by fly anglers. If trout are feeding below the surface over 90% of the time it only makes sense that becoming a good nymph angler will mean more trout in the net and more big trout too.

Becoming a better nymph angler: There are a few ways to become a better nymph angler.

   You can try and sort through every article, book or video on nymphing and then go out and spend hundreds of hours trying to figure out what works in Ontario rivers and what doesn't.

   You can try and find a friend or mentor that can teach you exactly what works for them.

   Or, The fastest way to become a better nympher is to find and hire an expert guide that will teach you while you're out on a guided trip or you could consider taking a nymphing class.

Advanced Nymphing Guide Trip: We provide guided trips that cater to the needs of Ontario Anglers.

 It's not uncommon for an angler to request that we focus on nymphing because their goal is to be a better nymph angler and I'm perfectly fine with that. If you are like some anglers and prefer to have the guide all to yourself or have a buddy along then it's best to contact us and book a guided trip and just let us know what it is you want to work on or hope to achieve. We provide nymphing trips for trout, steelhead and salmon with many of our nymphing methods suitable for all species.

Nymphing Classes

Advanced Nymphing Classes: Our most popular class is our Advanced Nymphing Class because we teach anglers how to break out of the traditional rut that most Ontario anglers are in, and how to use more modern methods that catch more fish.

If you're ready to catch more trout then don't miss this class! This is like learning how to nymph all over again.

You will learn:

  • Techniques used by the pros and tournament anglers. Advanced leader set-ups.

  • Modern fly patterns.

  • Reading the water better.

  • Advanced mending techniques for more controlled drifts.

  • How to cover the spots more effectively and thoroughly.

  • Getting a better drift with better speed and depth control.

  •  Detect subtle hits for more fish landed.

  • Common nymphing mistakes and how to prevent them.

  •  Removing snags like a pro.

* * * You should have at least a year or two of experience because this class is not for absolute beginners to nymphing.

 Like all our lessons this is a hands on lesson and is on the river the entire time. You may even catch some trout.

  This class goes way beyond the basic standard crappy nymphing techniques used by the vast majority of Ontario anglers. It covers some of the advanced techniques used by many of the best fly anglers in the world including the Canadian, USA and European national fly fishing competition anglers.  

 These advanced nymphing methods are not difficult and once mastered are guaranteed to increase your catch rate for trout, steelhead, and Salmon.

 I've been teaching this for over 10 years and have been mentored and trained by some of the best professional tournament anglers and coaches in North America and now I'll share it with you.

 I will show you how, why and where these techniques will increase the amount of trout and steelhead you catch.

Bonus :

  • You'll leave with a half dozen of my most productive nymphs.

  • You'll receive a specialized nymphing leader that I use to catch most of my large trout.

  • A video recap of the methods discuss in the class for later reference.

2017 Classes : $225.00 per person - Max 4 anglers

  • April 22nd 2017 at Credit River- 4 hours

  • May 6th 2017 at Grand River - 4 hours

  • May 13th 2017 at Grand River - 4 hours

    13% Tax /HST is not included in rates. Taxes are extra.

    All gear can be provided free for anglers that need it.

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