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Southern Ontario's premier trout and steelhead rivers

   A Perfect River

We don’t call this southern Ontario's premier fly fishing destination for nothing. We are located in the middle of many great trout rivers and we can drive to 5 of them in less then 15 minutes.

A Perfect Drift Guide Company offers guided trips to over 10 of Southern Ontario's best wild Trout and Steelhead rivers 12 months a year.

Best Times: Not every river fishes well 12 months of the year so we've provided a basic guideline so you know when to take advantage of the best fishing times and best times to book your trip. Also check out the river descriptions for more details.

Resident Trout:

Resident trout are trout that stay in the river year round.

Brown trout, Rainbow Trout and Brook Trout - The best times for resident trout on most rivers is May and June with sporadic to good fishing from July until the end of September.

Prime time - MAY and JUNE

Some good trout fishing is available July through September.

Migratory Trout and Salmon:

Migratory trout and salmon enter and leave the rivers throughout certain times in their lives. Steelhead often return multiple times to a river to spawn and Pacific Salmon spawn once and then die.

Steelhead - Prime times are October 1st to December 1st and the 4th Saturday in April until about May 15th. Some other great fishing can occur from December to the end of May and we've had 30 fish days during January, February and March.

Brown Trout - Migratory brown trout over 20lbs can be caught in some of our rivers at certain times. Prime time - October -November

Pacific Salmon - Pacific Salmon up to 40lbs enter the rivers in late summer and early fall. Prime time is September and early October.

Atlantic Salmon - Atlantic Salmon are not yet legal to fish in the rivers but accidental hook up often occur between September and December.

Bass, Pike and Musky - We recommend booking trips for these warm water species in July and august which seam to be the most productive times in the rivers. Late June can also be productive once the season opens up.

Southern Ontario's Best Trout Rivers

Credit River: Known as the "Crown Jewel of Southern Ontario". The upper Credit River is our specialty. In fact, our very first cast with a fly rod over 29 years ago was made in this section of the Credit River. Although there are good numbers of wild brook trout, brown trout and resident rainbows. this is a very technical river with weary wild trout that spook at the slightest sound. Predictable hatches, great scenery and easy to read water make this section a must try for any anglers. The Credit River has many different types of water from fast rapid sections to meandering meadows. Check out our pictures from the Credit river below. Thanks to catch and release only and special regulations there's plenty of fish in the upper sections. The lower sections offer some of the best steelhead and salmon fishing in Ontario and most of my guiding is done in December, March, April and May. We do drift boat trips on the lower river for anglers that don't want to walk.

    The Credit River Steelhead Section    Fast head waters of the Credit River    Brook Trout Water.

    Tim with a nice brown trout from the Credit river    Upper Credit River   Big Credit River Brown Trout

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Grand River: This river is about 11 minutes from Orangeville. Of the 5 rivers I guide, this is the most popular river for fly anglers and probably the most productive. The Grand River is said to be the best tail-water brown trout fishery in Eastern North America and is arguably the most popular fly fishing destination in Ontario. Regardless of the fishing pressure this river has lots of big, scrappy and numerous brown trout over 14" and browns in the 25" to 27" size are caught every season. 10 to 50 trout a day is not uncommon once you figure them out or if you're lucky enough to hit a hatch that puts them in a feeding frenzy. This river has over 30 km of accessible brown trout water to fish. This upper brown trout section is mainly a walk and wade section but we can drift it in the pontoon boat for those angler that would like to a boat trip instead.  Special regulations apply on most of the trout water sections. - it's mostly a No Kill on all trout, Single Barbless Hook only and no organic bait is permitted.

Upper and Lower Grand River - There is also some very good bass and pike fishing through out the river for anglers interested fishing during the hotter summer months.

   Mike with his first one over 20"    Middle Grand River    Average brown trout from the Grand river

   Big Brown trout from the Grand River    The Grand River    Grand River Brown Trout

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Humber River:  The upper Humber has wild brook trout populations and some nice brown trout mixed in. The river is 10 minutes east of us and has lots of good access points. Wild and stocked brown trout can be caught between highway 9 and the town of Bolton. Trout may be kept in this river but we strongly urge you to release your trout to help grow this fishery to it's full potential

    Humber River Trout section     The Humber River     The riffles on the Humber River.

   - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Nottawasaga River: The Notty, as the locals call it is possibly the most productive Wild Steelhead river flowing into Georgian Bay and possibly all of Ontario. If the river conditions are good the Notty offers great Steelhead fishing from October to May. Every year since 2008 we have landed over 300 steelhead in the fall and some of our lucky clients have had days of over 30 steelhead landed. In the middle and lower sections of the Nottawasaga the slower deeper pools make this area really good water for anglers who like to centerpin fish. There are a few faster water sections that are great for fly anglers. The majority of this section of river down stream from Alliston is private property but some access can be had in the mouth area near Wasaga Beach. We use our boats to take our customers through nearly un-fished sections of river during prime runs of Steelhead. There is now a special no kill section between Angus and Alliston so all anglers must release their steelhead. We are located about 8 minutes from the upper Nottawasaga river which has brown trout, book trout steelhead and salmon but unfortunately this upper section is almost 100 percent private property so I only guide on some private lands with permission from the owners and have access to nearly un-touched trout waters.  Bass fishing on the Nottawasaga can also be good during July and August and we now offer Musky and Pike trips in the lower sections.

Salmon start running in late August and peak in September. Some of out customers have had multiple big fish days with steelhead mixed in. I Anglers can have some pretty good days in late September and early October but these dates book up fast so don't hesitate.

 Nottawasaga steelhead section     Mike and Chris on the Nottawasaga River    Andrew with a nice Nottawasaga River Steelhead

     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Saugeen River and Tributaries: The Saugeen River is probably the nicest river I've seen for brown trout, brook trout and resident rainbows and one of my favourites for drifting down in the boat. It's about an hours drive from Orangeville but is well worth the drive and the extra distance from the city keeps the crowds away. It offers fast rapids, long slow meadow sections, deep pools and good hatches. This is a river that will challenge any angler but it's shear beauty and the potential for huge brown trout is something you don't want to miss. It's a big river in comparison to rivers like the Credit, Beaver River or Humber and it's one of the biggest rivers in Ontario that offers brown trout, brook trout, and rainbow trout in the same sections. In the lower river you have opportunities to fish for steelhead, bass, pike and musky in pretty good numbers. We guide the Saugeen between May 1st and the middle of June for Trout and July and August for bass, Musky and pike. We only guide this river by boat but drifting the limited access water sections of the upper Saugeen in a comfortable stand up pontoon drift boat gives you the opportunity to see some of the nicest and scenic water and a chance at some of the biggest brown trout in the river. Steelhead are in the river in good numbers in late October, November and December so we're on the river again chasing big hard fighting steelhead at that time.

   Chris fishing for Brown Trout on the Saugeen River     The rapids on the Saugeen River     Saugeen River trout section

   Landing a brown trout on the Saugeen River     The Saugeen River     The Saugeen River

     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Beaver River: Guided trips are available from the 4th Saturday in April to until the end of June. This is one awesome river! Big brown trout, lots of brook trout, a few resident rainbows during the trout season and large runs of steelhead and awesome scenery make this river a fly anglers favourite. Much of the river is private property which allows the fish to do well with little pressure from anglers. This river is best fished from May until the end of June. Some of the brown trout and brook trout sections are very technical with lots of wood and forest cover to contend with but for the persistent angler the rewards can be worth it. The biggest brown trout reported from this river in 2011 was 8lbs which was caught on a fly. Steelhead: In the lower sections there can be some of the best steelhead fishing in the area and this area is good to fish with a fly rod, float rod or spinning reel. Up to 30 Steelhead a day on a fly rod is possible when the runs are at their peak. We offer drift boat trips for Steelhead, resident brown trout, and Resident Rainbow trout in May and June and walk and wade trips in the upper sections.

    The Beaver River     Drifting down the Beaver River     Steelheading on the Beaver River

    Fighting a steelhead on the Beaver River     The Beaver River     The headwaters of the Beaver River

     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Bighead River is probably my favourite walk and wade steelhead river. The scenery is awesome and if you manage to hit the river at the peak of a steelhead run you could be landing over 40 fish a day. There are brook trout and brown trout in the upper sections but we don't guide for them due to lots of private property and very little accessible water. We guide this river from October to December and sometimes in May by boat or by foot.

   The Bighead River low water fall steelhead.    Fly fishing the Bighead River.    A Bighead river steelhead

      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Boyne River: The Boyne River is one of the Nottawassaga's main tributaries and has steelhead and resident brown trout, brook trout and rainbows in it. It fishes well after the opener and can be fun with small rods and flies. The Boyne can have huge hatches with non-stop action for the dry fly anglers. May and June can be good but July and August can be very low water and not worth fishing. This is a technical river and can be tough wading for some guys. Although there are some bigger fish in the river thanks to angler over harvest the big ones are hard to come by. Please release your fish and help make this a great fishery.

The Pine River: The Pine river is very much like the Boyne river and has plenty of different types of water from smaller rapid sections to slower riffles and pools. The Pine also gets a good run of salmon and steelhead in the fall. This is a walk and wade river with limited access due to private property but we guide 3 or 4 sections. Big brown trout and brook trout are available but again due to guys keeping fish they are few a far between in the public sections.  Please practice catch and release to help grow this fishery into a great one.

The Beatty Saugeen: This is one of our favourites and we offer guided trips to a few different sections of this river. This is a smaller river that has steelhead, browns, rainbows and brookies all mixed in. It has good hatches but can be tough to wade and fish with all the wood and log jams.

Mad River and Noisy River: The Mad River is another tributary to the Nottawasaga River and the Noisy River is a Branch of the Mad River and both are primarily a brook trout and rainbow trout river with some steelhead available in the spring. May and June are the best times.  These Rivers are fast flowing fun rivers with often many brook trout. Please catch and release to preserve the good fishing.

Other Rivers:  We also fish and guide on other rivers like the Ganaraska, Boyne River and a few others that shall remain un-named. Also, if you're looking for small creek style fishing let us know and we will put you on one of the small hidden gems that we know.

  Mad River    The sweet spot.    At the headwaters

  At the big falls.    A nice brown trout from a great section of river.   The Falls.

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